About Old Fashioned Mike

A short story long...

Old Fashioned Mike (OFM) started as a blog about my favorite cocktail establishments around the world that made great Old Fashioned cocktails.  If you don't know, it is made of fine Whiskey, a dash of bitters and a cube of sugar poured over a large ice cube...mouthwatering.  How did it become a podcast about entrepreneurship and reselling?  Here's my story.

Over a 30 year career I have done a bit of everything, I started as an insurance adjuster out of University and discovered that I hated it so I do what a lot of "lost" youth do, I went to business school.  In my case I moved to San Jose California (Silicon Valley) from Los Angeles.

While in school I was lucky to land a technology management role for a Silicon Valley semiconductor company, where I worked for about 6 years before the dot com bubble burst.  I was still employed but my job required more and more time out of my life while I picked up multiple jobs at my company as they laid off people around me.  I needed a change.​

At the same time I was renewing my car insurance with a friend of mine that moved from being an insurance adjuster to an independent insurance agent.  We got to talking about my career choice but I was addicted to the money and couldn't leave.  I remember him laughing about how much money I thought I was making when he informed me that he made double that for the past 10 years!

Fast-forward 6 months and I found myself selling insurance full time and within  5 years employing 25 agents and servicing 30,000 policies both in person and online sales.  I hated every minute of it.  I missed technology.

So I exited my first company successfully by selling my business to a large insurance carrier for a fairly tidy profit.

Pulling out my rolodex (well LinkedIn exactly) I searched for a new job.  Fortunately I kept my contacts up to date and landed a job in Boston less than a month later.  The job was definitely below my skills and experience but it paid well and it got me out of California's punitive tax environment.

I spent the next 5 years working for a very large online retailer managing their call center before moving to an energy supplier and eventually recruited by a private equity company to move to New York City to be the Chief Information Officer at a boutique events management company.  Two years passed before that company was bought and I was cashed out for exit #2!

​Suddenly unemployed I decided to go out on my own to build a software platform that would assist Information Technology departments in improving their business process.  Not much to say here that is interesting other than I was purchased by a large IT consulting company six months later for a small stake in their company and a seat on their board...exit #3.

It was fortunate that only a week later (kismet really) I was contacted by my prior boss at the events company to take on a role as Chief Technology Officer for the largest global events firm based out of London and within a week I was in an apartment in West London.  We purchased several companies during the next two years and I was able to finagle a move back to the US to relocate in Dallas Texas in the process.

Now to the MEAT of the story.

I was flying back from Dubai for a one-day meeting (you read that right) I was sipping a cocktail in business class when I started to feel pain in my upper back.  I assumed it was because I was on a 15 hour flight back to Dallas, apparently I was wrong.  Have you ever been in a plane when they have to make an emergency landing because someone has fallen ill on the plane?  I have!  But fortunately this time we didn't have to, we made it back to Dallas when I immediately went home and to bed.  The pain persisted so I got up and drove myself to the Emergency Room where I was informed that my heart was racing at 190 beats a minute (normal is 60-80).  I was in full A-Fib.

Apparently the 300,000 miles in the air each year eating hotel food and drinking a lot of Old Fashioned's caught up to me.  It was time for a change and this time for good.  I gave notice the next day and transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship six months later.

Since then, I have launched a software startup, which is still plugging along, and a fairly robust resale business.  Both of which I use to teach you how to do the same.

Welcome to my journey.


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